The Alumni Association

Social Media

All MLHS alumni are part of the Alumni Association.  Check out and join the Michigan Lutheran High School Alumni Facebook page for current MLHS happenings, alumni events, and updates about fellow alums.

Share Your Update with MLHS

Additionally, MLHS wants to hear from you!  Have you moved, married, been promoted, or had another significant life event?  Email to share your news and / or update your contact information.

We are in the process of updating our Alumni contact information. Due to the increasing expense of postage, we would like to send out notifications via email when all possible.  Please email your contact information to and please include the following:

First Name (Maiden Name)
Last Name Address
Email Address
Year of Graduation

Support MLHS

Join our newest support group – Titan Champions. Learn how you can positively impact the ministry of MLHS and the students everyday through this new giving program.

Class Reunions

If you are in charge of your class reunion, please email with the details. The information will then be posted here and on the Alumni Facebook Group.